Saluti di Bodrum

Bodrum (ancient Halicarnassus) is situated on a peninsula facing the island of Kos (Greek Island) and is the hometown of Herodutus ("Father of History"). Homer's description of Bodrum as "The land of eternal blue". Built on a peninsula formed by the meeting of the eastern and western harbors, Bodrum, with its narrow streets winding down to the sea, is famous for its castle, its world-renowned yachts, its shipyards and the dazzling white houses and tombs lining the shores of its two harbors.


The monumental tomb of Maussolos, King of Caria, is the site of one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of World.


The 5000 seat theatre built in the 4th Century B.C. is in the Hellenistic style and is dated to the Maussolos period. There are hundreds of rock-cut tombs in the slopes of "Goktepe" hill above the theatre.


Around the Bodrum Peninsula there are over 100 cisterns. These dome-shaped cisterns, built during the Ottoman period were used by the inhabitants to collect winter rainwater to water their fields and their livestock in summer.


The Crusader Knights of Rhodes built the Castle in honour of St. Peter in the 15th Century AD on the site of an earlier palace & temple. It is presently the home of Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which is one of the largest underwater archaeology museums in the world and the only one in Turkey.


One of the things for which Bodrum is renowned is the wooden "gulet" yacht, a craft unique to Bodrum. Since 1989 Bodrum has been host to "The Bodrum Cup Wooden Yacht Race", an annual event which take place in the third week of October.

De Bodrum îmi voi aminti şi pentru că a fost primul loc în care cineva m-a invitat pe un yaht :)

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